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Cloud based Temperature GSM Data Logger

Our LoggFi temperature GSM data logger enables organizations across industries to ensure the quality perishable products and to send real-time alerts.

Why LoggFi Temperature Logger

For the past few years, it has become common for hospitals, restaurants, bakeries, clinics, and other businesses to use an electronic temperature monitoring system to monitor the temperature of their products and thereby ensure the quality of perishable products. There are literally dozens of temperature monitoring systems available on the market, each with different features and prices. You might be worried about the exorbitant prices and unsure which one to choose. Our cloud-based portable temperature data logger comes to the rescue. Our logger not only meets all of your needs, but it is also cheap, making it cost-effective.

Maintaining the highest quality products is critical to your success if you are the owner or supplier of perishable products. Our LoggFi is an IoT-enabled, cloud-based temperature GSM data logger that you can use to track and record temperature during transportation and storage. It not only provides end-to-end documentation of the cold chain, but is also easy to access, and one can easily integrate LoggFi software with any information system. 

LoggFi is a comprehensive portable temperature monitoring solution for perishable products like vaccines, blood, food products, and temperature-sensitive goods. The LoggFi data logger continuously monitors the temperature during storage and transportation and also shares the live location of products during transit. Through LoggFi, both real-time monitoring and offline data logging solutions are available as per your convenience.

Access teperature data from anywhere

The LoggFi continuously sends live data to the cloud, thereby making centralized control and management of the cold chain by respective authorities possible. The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Cold storage rooms always contain perishable and valuable products. Typically, data loggers provide temperature reports, but if they are damaged or if the temperature increases, the data becomes useless. We notify the authorities via SMS and call back until the necessary actions are taken.

End-to-end temperature monitoring

The LoggFi GSM data logger ensures end-to-end temperature monitoring of all perishable products, thereby ensuring the quality of those products

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