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LoggFi temperature logger

Cloud based temperature logger to monitor quality of perishable products

LoggFi temperature logger is an integral part of cold chain logistics. It is easy to set up and affordable. It provides end-to-end documentation of the cold chain. We can easily integrate LoggFi software with any information system.
It is very much required to track and record temperature details of perishable goods while transporting. Products like vaccines, blood, food products and temperature-sensitive goods get damaged at wrong temperature conditions. This is where the LoggFi temperature data logger helps. The healthcare, food, and similar industries can record environmental conditions for asset protection using LoggFi. The LoggFi data logger continuously monitors the temperature during storage and transportation. It will also share the live location of products during transit. Hence, this will increase transparency and accountability in the supply chain.

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Features and benefits

Why should you choose LoggFi temperature logger?

Temperature Sensing

LoggFi ensures end-to-end temperature monitoring of perishable commodities. As a result, the solution assures quality and finds any breaks in the cold chain.

Real-time Alerts

The LoggFi sends breach alerts via SMS and E-mail whenever the temperature of the product crosses above or below the set threshold value. Hence, the responsible persons can take actions to prevent damage.

Cloud Computed

The LoggFi device continuously sends live data to the cloud. Hence, centralized control and management of the cold chain are possible.

End-to-End Monitoring

The LoggFi software saves the complete report of the cold chain. Therefore, there is better visibility and quality assurance.

Track Location

The LoggFi device sends a continuous trail of the locations to the software. Hence, we can make sure that the products reach the correct destination.

API Sharing

It is possible to integrate LoggFi software with other information systems used in public health through a secured API sharing method.


Choose your Loggfi temeprature logger variant


LoggFi device

Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C
Resolution: 0.01°C
Logging Capacity: Unlimited Cloud Storage
Recording Interval: 1 Min - 24 Hours
Battery: 7 days with 15 min interval


LoggFi device

Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C
Resolution: 0.01°C
Logging Capacity: Unlimited Cloud Storage
Recording Interval: 1 Min - 24 Hours
Battery: 1 month with 15 min interval


LoggFi Set
with PCM box

PCM based cold chain box
GSM/WiFi Based temperature logger
8-12 hours cold life
Barcode based Tracking
Realtime Temperature and location

Vaccine Transportation

Vaccines are temperature-sensitive biological products. So, vaccine quality and efficacy are maintained using a cold chain that meets specific temperature requirements. A Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC) is a method of vaccine management. CTC involves keeping a WHO-prequalified vaccine out of the traditional cold chain of +2 °C to +8 °C up to a temperature not higher than +40 °C for a limited time under controlled and monitored conditions, just before administration. By using a temperature logger, we can monitor the temperature of a vaccine in CTC. Thereby, quality can be ensured. 

Barcode Based Tracking

Real-time monitoring of vaccine temperature and location

Real Time Alert

SMS and e-mail based alert to the responsible authority

Perishable Food Products

Temperature is the key factor that keeps pathogens like bacteria under control. As a result, meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy products require temperature monitoring because bacteria can contaminate food stored at the wrong temperature. Bacteria grow and proliferate between 4 deg C and 60 deg C. Improper storage can spoil the food. Hence, the temperature of such food items must be kept optimal.

Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking using the web or mobile application

Offline Data storage

LoggFi data logger stores the data when connectivity is lost

Cold Chain Transport

Temperature-sensitive goods get damaged during transportation if the supply chain temperature is not at optimum value. Therefore, there is a need to track and monitor the temperature of the cold chain, especially during transportation. In addition to this, live location tracking will ensure delivery to the correct location. Hence, wise transportation companies choose LoggFi temperature data loggers for reliable cold chain monitoring and delivering properly cooled food and pharmaceuticals to customers.

Cloud based data

Monitor the storage temperature from anywhere in the world

Connect with your Applications

API services for integration with existing applications

Cold Room

Cold rooms effectively reduce wastage of perishable goods. They extend the timeframe of marketing food, pharma, and dairy products. However, air temperature monitoring systems and devices should be installed in all temperature-controlled rooms, cold rooms, freezer rooms, refrigerators, and freezers that store time and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and dairy products. Else, it will be difficult to track the quality of stored products.

WiFi and GSM connectivity

LoggFi device works using WiFi or GSM connectivity

Battery backup

LoggFi has a battery backup of 7 days to 1 month based on the interval of temperature measurement

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