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An IoT Enabled

Cloud-Based Temperature Data Logger

Track and Record Temperature While Transit and Storage With LoggFi Temperature Data Logger

An innovative Temperature Monitoring

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LoggFi is an innovative data logger that specifically caters to businesses involved in the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive products, such as healthcare products, food items, and other perishable goods. Utilizing advanced AI and ML algorithms, LoggFi provides continuous temperature monitoring and sends real-time alerts to users in case of any deviations. This enables businesses to take timely corrective measures to ensure the safety and quality of their products during transportation and storage.

Feature and Benefits

Experience unparalleled temperature monitoring with our AI and ML-based IoT  data logger.

Temperature Sensing

To find any breaks in the cold chain, LoggFi makes sure to monitor temperature variations and breaches. It will assure the quality of perishable products, thereby satisfying the needs of everyone.

Real-time SMS & Call Alerts

IoT-based logger is capable of identifying any breaches in temperature and promptly sends real-time alerts to prevent the supply of damaged or low-quality perishable products.

Track Location

LoggFi cloud based temperature system tracks perishable products and allows real-time monitoring of their shipment status, including temperature breaches or damage, ensuring timely delivery.

Cloud Computed

Management of the cold chain is made possible as our data logger continuously sends live data to the cloud. You can easily integrate LoggFi software with any information system.

Why a real-time data logger?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get real-time alerts and prevent potential damage to your temperature-sensitive products with our advanced system.

Perishable Food Products

Maintain freshness and quality of perishable food products with continuous temperature monitoring using our advanced logger.

Pharma Products

The cold chain of pharmaceutical products is crucial nowadays. Protect your valuable products by utilizing an alert and call-back system.

Cold Chain Transport

Prevent spoilage and ensure quality of temperature-sensitive products during transport with our advanced temperature logger.

Vaccine cold chain

Ensure that the vaccines are stored and transported at the required temperature and obtain a detailed report of temperature logs.

Location Tracking

Ensure perishable efficacy and safety with temperature logging throughout the cold chain.

Blood bag transportation

We track the temperature and provide vein-to-vein information on a cloud platform with all digital registers for the necessary regulatory authority.

Food cold chain monitor
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our temperature monitoring logger has the capability to store offline data and we push the saved data to the cloud. Customers can view it from their mobile app and web application.

Technologies are constantly evolving, and it is crucial to safeguard our temperature-sensitive products before they are compromised. We can alert customers by sending call-backs and SMS alerts. Typical loggers may have the data, but not real-time data.

A GSM-based temperature data logger communicates data through the 2G/4G/5G network. It can directly connect to the cloud server, ensuring precision in real-time temperature data.

Temperature loggers and thermometers both measure temperature, but they do it in different ways. Thermometers provide accurate temperature readings, but the data needs to be collected and recorded by humans. On the other hand, temperature data loggers automate the process by recording and logging temperature data using specialized software, making it easier to read and interpret.

A temperature logger, also known as a temperature monitoring device, is a device that records temperature data and stores it internally or sends it to a temperature monitoring application over a period of time.

Wireless data loggers are a type of temperature monitoring device that connects to a cloud-based application. There are many types of wireless loggers, such as GSM loggers and WiFi data loggers, which provide real-time data monitoring.

Loggfi is capable of monitoring a temperature range of -80 to +80 degrees Celsius. We also have temperature sensors with a range of -195 degrees Celsius

Yes, we have different variants of temperature data loggers with backup ranging from 3 days of battery backup to 36 days of battery-powered IoT data loggers.

Our temperature sensor device is a small, handy device measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches with a nice display for showing the temperature value.

There are different types of temperature data loggers available, depending on the specific use case. These include USB temperature data loggers, WiFi data loggers, GSM data loggers, data loggers with probes, and multi-channel or 4-channel temperature data loggers.

It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of temperature data in the temperature logger available in India. It is important to have reliable battery backup and consistent data. Additionally, integrating the latest technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning would be very beneficial.

Cold chain data is sensitive, and carelessness in managing the cold chain can result in significant losses and affect the quality of the entire organization. By analyzing data using AI/ML, it is possible to predict the actions needed for cold chain tracking and improve the quality of cold storage.

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